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import urllib.parse
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from packaging.version import Version

from limits.errors import ConfigurationError
from import RedisStorage
from limits.typing import Dict, Optional, Union

    import redis.sentinel

[docs] class RedisSentinelStorage(RedisStorage): """ Rate limit storage with redis sentinel as backend Depends on :pypi:`redis` package """ STORAGE_SCHEME = ["redis+sentinel"] """The storage scheme for redis accessed via a redis sentinel installation""" DEPENDENCIES = {"redis.sentinel": Version("3.0")} def __init__( self, uri: str, service_name: Optional[str] = None, use_replicas: bool = True, sentinel_kwargs: Optional[Dict[str, Union[float, str, bool]]] = None, **options: Union[float, str, bool] ) -> None: """ :param uri: url of the form ``redis+sentinel://host:port,host:port/service_name`` :param service_name: sentinel service name (if not provided in :attr:`uri`) :param use_replicas: Whether to use replicas for read only operations :param sentinel_kwargs: kwargs to pass as :attr:`sentinel_kwargs` to :class:`redis.sentinel.Sentinel` :param options: all remaining keyword arguments are passed directly to the constructor of :class:`redis.sentinel.Sentinel` :raise ConfigurationError: when the redis library is not available or if the redis master host cannot be pinged. """ super(RedisStorage, self).__init__(uri, **options) parsed = urllib.parse.urlparse(uri) sentinel_configuration = [] sentinel_options = sentinel_kwargs.copy() if sentinel_kwargs else {} parsed_auth: Dict[str, Union[float, str, bool]] = {} if parsed.username: parsed_auth["username"] = parsed.username if parsed.password: parsed_auth["password"] = parsed.password sep = parsed.netloc.find("@") + 1 for loc in parsed.netloc[sep:].split(","): host, port = loc.split(":") sentinel_configuration.append((host, int(port))) self.service_name = ( parsed.path.replace("/", "") if parsed.path else service_name ) if self.service_name is None: raise ConfigurationError("'service_name' not provided") sentinel_dep = self.dependencies["redis.sentinel"].module self.sentinel: "redis.sentinel.Sentinel" = sentinel_dep.Sentinel( sentinel_configuration, sentinel_kwargs={**parsed_auth, **sentinel_options}, **{**parsed_auth, **options} ) = self.sentinel.master_for(self.service_name) self.storage_slave = self.sentinel.slave_for(self.service_name) self.use_replicas = use_replicas self.initialize_storage(uri)
[docs] def get(self, key: str) -> int: """ :param key: the key to get the counter value for """ return super()._get( key, self.storage_slave if self.use_replicas else )
[docs] def get_expiry(self, key: str) -> int: """ :param key: the key to get the expiry for """ return super()._get_expiry( key, self.storage_slave if self.use_replicas else )
[docs] def check(self) -> bool: """ Check if storage is healthy by calling :class:`` on the slave. """ return super()._check(self.storage_slave if self.use_replicas else