Source code for

Implementations of storage backends to be used with
:class:`limits.strategies.RateLimiter` strategies

import urllib
from typing import Union, cast

import limits

from ..errors import ConfigurationError
from .base import MovingWindowSupport, Storage
from .etcd import EtcdStorage
from .memcached import MemcachedStorage
from .memory import MemoryStorage
from .mongodb import MongoDBStorage
from .redis import RedisStorage
from .redis_cluster import RedisClusterStorage
from .redis_sentinel import RedisSentinelStorage
from .registry import SCHEMES

StorageTypes = Union[Storage, ""]

[docs] def storage_from_string( storage_string: str, **options: Union[float, str, bool] ) -> StorageTypes: """ Factory function to get an instance of the storage class based on the uri of the storage. In most cases using it should be sufficient instead of directly instantiating the storage classes. for example:: from import storage_from_string memory = from_string("memory://") memcached = from_string("memcached://localhost:11211") redis = from_string("redis://localhost:6379") The same function can be used to construct the :ref:`storage:async storage` variants, for example:: from import storage_from_string memory = storage_from_string("async+memory://") memcached = storage_from_string("async+memcached://localhost:11211") redis = storage_from_string("async+redis://localhost:6379") :param storage_string: a string of the form ``scheme://host:port``. More details about supported storage schemes can be found at :ref:`storage:storage scheme` :param options: all remaining keyword arguments are passed to the constructor matched by :paramref:`storage_string`. :raises ConfigurationError: when the :attr:`storage_string` cannot be mapped to a registered :class:`` or :class:`` instance. """ scheme = urllib.parse.urlparse(storage_string).scheme if scheme not in SCHEMES: raise ConfigurationError("unknown storage scheme : %s" % storage_string) return cast(StorageTypes, SCHEMES[scheme](storage_string, **options))
__all__ = [ "storage_from_string", "Storage", "MovingWindowSupport", "EtcdStorage", "MemoryStorage", "MongoDBStorage", "RedisStorage", "RedisClusterStorage", "RedisSentinelStorage", "MemcachedStorage", ]