Source code for limits.limits

""" """

from __future__ import annotations

from functools import total_ordering
from typing import Dict, NamedTuple, Optional, Tuple, Type, Union, cast

from limits.typing import ClassVar, List

def safe_string(value: Union[bytes, str, int]) -> str:
    converts a byte/str or int to a str

    if isinstance(value, bytes):
        return value.decode()

    return str(value)

class Granularity(NamedTuple):
    seconds: int
    name: str

TIME_TYPES = dict(
    day=Granularity(60 * 60 * 24, "day"),
    month=Granularity(60 * 60 * 24 * 30, "month"),
    year=Granularity(60 * 60 * 24 * 30 * 12, "year"),
    hour=Granularity(60 * 60, "hour"),
    minute=Granularity(60, "minute"),
    second=Granularity(1, "second"),

GRANULARITIES: Dict[str, Type[RateLimitItem]] = {}

class RateLimitItemMeta(type):
    def __new__(
        name: str,
        parents: Tuple[type, ...],
        dct: Dict[str, Union[Granularity, List[str]]],
    ) -> RateLimitItemMeta:
        if "__slots__" not in dct:
            dct["__slots__"] = []
        granularity = super().__new__(cls, name, parents, dct)

        if "GRANULARITY" in dct:
            GRANULARITIES[dct["GRANULARITY"][1]] = cast(
                Type[RateLimitItem], granularity

        return granularity

# pylint: disable=no-member
[docs] @total_ordering class RateLimitItem(metaclass=RateLimitItemMeta): """ defines a Rate limited resource which contains the characteristic namespace, amount and granularity multiples of the rate limiting window. :param amount: the rate limit amount :param multiples: multiple of the 'per' :attr:`GRANULARITY` (e.g. 'n' per 'm' seconds) :param namespace: category for the specific rate limit """ __slots__ = ["namespace", "amount", "multiples"] GRANULARITY: ClassVar[Granularity] """ A tuple describing the granularity of this limit as (number of seconds, name) """ def __init__( self, amount: int, multiples: Optional[int] = 1, namespace: str = "LIMITER" ): self.namespace = namespace self.amount = int(amount) self.multiples = int(multiples or 1)
[docs] @classmethod def check_granularity_string(cls, granularity_string: str) -> bool: """ Checks if this instance matches a *granularity_string* of type ``n per hour``, ``n per minute`` etc, by comparing with :attr:`GRANULARITY` """ return granularity_string.lower() in
[docs] def get_expiry(self) -> int: """ :return: the duration the limit is enforced for in seconds. """ return self.GRANULARITY.seconds * self.multiples
[docs] def key_for(self, *identifiers: str) -> str: """ Constructs a key for the current limit and any additional identifiers provided. :param identifiers: a list of strings to append to the key :return: a string key identifying this resource with each identifier appended with a '/' delimiter. """ remainder = "/".join( [safe_string(k) for k in identifiers] + [ safe_string(self.amount), safe_string(self.multiples),, ] ) return f"{self.namespace}/{remainder}"
def __eq__(self, other: object) -> bool: if isinstance(other, RateLimitItem): return ( self.amount == other.amount and self.GRANULARITY == other.GRANULARITY and self.multiples == other.multiples ) return False def __repr__(self) -> str: return f"{self.amount} per {self.multiples} {}" def __lt__(self, other: RateLimitItem) -> bool: return self.GRANULARITY.seconds < other.GRANULARITY.seconds def __hash__(self) -> int: return hash((self.namespace, self.amount, self.multiples, self.GRANULARITY))
[docs] class RateLimitItemPerYear(RateLimitItem): """ per year rate limited resource. """ GRANULARITY = TIME_TYPES["year"] """A year"""
[docs] class RateLimitItemPerMonth(RateLimitItem): """ per month rate limited resource. """ GRANULARITY = TIME_TYPES["month"] """A month"""
[docs] class RateLimitItemPerDay(RateLimitItem): """ per day rate limited resource. """ GRANULARITY = TIME_TYPES["day"] """A day"""
[docs] class RateLimitItemPerHour(RateLimitItem): """ per hour rate limited resource. """ GRANULARITY = TIME_TYPES["hour"] """An hour"""
[docs] class RateLimitItemPerMinute(RateLimitItem): """ per minute rate limited resource. """ GRANULARITY = TIME_TYPES["minute"] """A minute"""
[docs] class RateLimitItemPerSecond(RateLimitItem): """ per second rate limited resource. """ GRANULARITY = TIME_TYPES["second"] """A second"""